About Micah

When people ask where I'm from, the first thing I let them know is that I need a bit of breath to give them a sense of the answer. I grew up in the Philippines, and am deeply impacted by my childhood being spent as a foreigner. I was in Regina for High School, and the transition there was both a culture shock, and a climate shock to say the least.

After High School, I found myself at Canadian Bible College (now Ambrose University in Calgary), and there I met Sarah and a couple years later we were graduates with a married degree and bachelors degrees. That is weird, but apparently common for a bible college. 

In Regina I took up ceramics, and really loved it. And worked as a youth pastor with First Baptist Church in Regain. After Sarah and I determined I needed to study art and theology, we went to the best place we could think of for that, Regent College in Vancouver. After my first year there, I became convicted that God was asking me to consider whether he was asking me to be a pastor. So, I changed course to the Master of Divinity and really enjoyed the languages and biblical studies. 

After graduating from Regent, I worked in computer programming. Primarily in website application development, and Windows application development. We spent two years in which Sarah and I continued to ask God, is Micah supposed to keep applying, and we felt his answer was indeed, yes, even though the result did not feel immediate then. Those two years felt like way more than 40: Guess I was pretty young.

After that point I was at ECC, Emmanuel Christian Community in Richmond, BC for three years as the lead pastor, and then as the Associate Pastor at Prairie Alliance Church in Portage la Prairie with a really fun season working with youth and young adults.

Sarah and I have three children, and they are the absolute delight of my life. It's great to see them become emotionally strong and resilient, to watch their intelligence flourish in curiousity and wonder, to participate in their response to inspiration through creativity, and I love to see them challenge their bodies in athletics and dance. These are three of the most special people ever born!! and I get to hang out with them a lot! How great is that?

I've already had a broad range of experiences and education, but it hasn't made me feel like I want it to narrow. I'm always interested to talk theology, art, sports, movies, science, mechanics, and anything else I could learn some more in.