Let me introduce myself to you

Micah Smith

I have found that the deep yearnings of my heart and the greatest need I feel called to participate in this world meet for me in the ministry of preaching the Word. It certainly never gets comfortable, or complacent. Any time I am asked to preach I realize I'm standing in the place that only belongs to Jesus himself.

I have loved studying, working, and living within the dynamic interplay between the sermon and the worship setting. In my ministry opportunities across multiple denominations, demographics, and contexts I'm always working to identify the areas of great beauty, truth, and goodness that are helpful towards our experiencing the presence of Christ.

I engage in conversations with people from all walks of life, and am eager to engage in dialogue about what we think about God and where people are at in the current context of what they are experiencing in their lives. The goal is always to help individuals, congregations, and the church to hear the voice of Jesus and respond with faith, hope, and love; So that the saints would be equipped for the work of ministry, by building up the body of Christ so that all might come to unity of the faith and maturity in the full measure of who Christ is.